We turn the facade into a power plant

Conserving resources by reusing and recycling facades

Improving the urban climate – biodiversity on the facade

Saving energy starts with the facade

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feroplan engineering Ltd.
Alexanderstrasse 14
CH-7000 Chur
Tel: +41 81 252 55 04

Image credits

Alpha Building Baar, Sarah Vonesch
ETH GLC Zurich, Kuster Frey
Geistlich Areal C1 Schlieren, Architecture: Graber Pulver Architekten, Photo: Philip Heckhausen
GH Helix Cham, Regine Giesecke
Kunsthaus Bregenz, Markus Tretter, Helene Binet
KVA Thurgau Weinfelden, Graber Pulver Architekten / maaars Visualisierungen
Messe Basel, Peter Ruggle
Müllerstrasse Zurich, www.studiogataric.ch
National Library Vaduz, Morger Partner Architekten BSA SIA
Service Center Giessen Vaduz, DUNEDIN ARTS Visualisierungen, Zurich
Social Insurance Center WAS Kriens, Architecture and visualisations/model photo: Gigon /Guyer Architekten
SUVA Neumühlequai Zurich, WR Architekten AG, Zurich
SWICA Head Office Winterthur, Frei + Saarinen Architekten
Tamedia AG Zurich, Didier Boy de la Tour
VWG Sinergia Chur, Losys GmbH + Ingo Rasp
WÜB Altwiesen Zurich, Studio Blomen
Zentrum Pilatus Kriens, Roger Frei, Zurich

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