The facade competition, which is known far beyond the country’s borders, sets new standards. A total of 49 impressive projects are competing for the PRIXFORIX 2024 award for the most beautiful facade in Switzerland. The projects are spread throughout Switzerland. 30 projects are located in German-speaking Switzerland and 19 projects are in Western Switzerland. The judging took place on April 16 at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in Olten, where the seven-member jury, led by Judit Solt, met and selected the winning projects.

PRIXFORIX is the only award for architects and facade builders with innovative ideas for glass and/or metal facades. The most unusual, creative and courageous glass/metal facades in Switzerland are honored. The award focuses on the quality, sustainability and aesthetics of a building envelope and aims to showcase the full spectrum of facade construction.

Müllerstrasse 16/20, Zurich

A consistent sustainability concept was pursued and implemented in the renovation of the office building. Not new – not recycled – but RE-USE!
Among other things, the existing cast aluminum panels on the facade were reused for the new parapet cladding. The panels were simply recut and refitted. The result is a resource-efficient, appealing and modern facade with a past for the future.

ETH Zurich, GLC

The facade is always a multifunctional element of the building. At the GLC research building, the versatility of the facade has been further expanded. It not only fulfills classic tasks such as weather protection, sun protection and aesthetics, but also takes on fire protection and climate control functions with integrated vents. One component – many functions.

Office building ALPHA Building Baar

The facade gives the building its character like no other component. The highly precise, staggered stainless steel frames form the foundation of its appearance. The miter cut of the frames is a distinctive feature that achieves the desired effect only through executed precision. The dark powder-coated facade mullions are used as a contrast to the matt frame. A framed masterpiece.